Advantage having Rich Snippets

advantage having rich snippets on website philippines seo advantage davao cebu manila

advantage having rich snippets on website philippines seo advantage davao cebu manila

Philippines have many online business websites yet they don’t have online visibility this is a problem when web agencies have a split services or no idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or you have an SEO but don’t have an online markup that describing your page. Therefore you are losing sales online and potential customers.

Let me tell you that there is a right way to make your online business websites to be having more organic Click-through rate (CTR) and more credibility on your website pages. I introduce to you the Rich Snippet; Rich Snippet shows extra information between the URL and the description on search engine result.

Rich snippets will provide you with nice visibility after you get your structured data markup right. therefore ensure you utilize all the tools Google has given you to your advantage, dig a bit into what quite snippets work for your business, and you’re well on your thanks to corrective your organic CTR with a bit further effort.

Understanding what a rich snippet is will be a touch a lot of difficult than you’ll assume. Perhaps you’re well versed within the world of SEO, or even you’ve ne’er detected of the term before – either method, wealthy snippets are vital. Understanding their importance in SEO will persuade be important for all levels of SEO’s, consultants and newbies alike, therefore to provide you a assist, we’re breaking down what Rich Snippets truly are, and why they’re therefore vital.


So What Are Rich Snippets?

To put it into easy terms, a snippet is what Google can show the user in search results, and a traditional snippet can compromise of:

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Upload date if the search result’s a diary or article
  • Meta Description

For example:


product rich snippet with review

Google Search Result: Review with Ratings


seo elite davao google search with price

Google Search Result: Product/Service with Price

webmage philippines advance sitelinks rich snippets

Google Search Result: Branding Sitelink Rich Snippets (Obtain if your site has good Credibility)



A rich snippet, on the opposite hand, shows extra data between the uniform resource locator and therefore the description. This is often conjointly called Schema information, and may embody various aspects reckoning on the aim of the post – as an example you’ll need reviews to be shown, breadcrumbs to direct users to different components of your website etc.

As you’ll see within the image higher than, an image is additional to the search result, also because the review rating and the way long the instruction takes to make. a rich snippet merely contains way more data than what a regular snippet contains, and this will be very helpful for SEO functions.

How Do Rich Snippets Impact SEO?

As mentioned higher than, a rich snippet appearance abundant nicer and contains way more data than what a typical snippet contains. Any visitors notice your specific product or service are {going to be|are} ready to recognize that they’re going to find what they’re trying to find on your website, as your snippet can give them with all of the data that they have to understand before they create that call. Generally, Rich Snippets have a far higher click through rate, and if the press through rate of your snippet will increase, the quantities of traffic generated are higher.


This won’t essentially be as a results of your rich snippet impacting your position (you’re not secured a high position only for having a rich snippet), however just because individuals are prefer to click on your result thanks to the aesthetic and informative nature of it. As a result, within the long term, Google can begin to note that a lot of individuals prefer to click on your result, which can ultimately impact your search rankings within the long term.

How does one get Rich Snippets?

Obtaining a rich snippet is easy. All you have got to try to to is add what’s called structured information to your website, that could be a piece of code that’s written during a specific method. Search engines can scan the code that has been inputted into your website, during a specific format, and this can then ultimately generate Rich Snippets.


There are 3 main mark-up specifications that are usually recognized by major search engines, and these include:

  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • RDFa

Microdata is mostly the foremost wide supported, as a results of

Once you have got entered this code, and it’s correct, then Google can begin to indicate the information once a specific amount of your time. There is variety of various edges once it involves adding microdata to your website and having these shows up in search results:

Your website can become conspicuous and draw users to your site as against your competitors

  • Potential CTR increase
  • Offering results that are nearer to user specification and are higher in ‘quality’
  • Things to recollect once Adding Rich Snippets


There are varieties of things that you simply ought to make sure you bear in mind once adding Rich Snippets to your website. Firstly, Google can solely begin analysing the new price information around 10-14 days once it’s enforced. However, whereas Google can begin to indicate these Rich Snippets on a number of the pages they need been enforced on, if all the committal to writing is correct, they’re going to disappear at intervals around five days.


They will then re-emerge and disappear repeatedly variety of times over consecutive weeks. once around eight weeks but, semi-permanent Rich Snippets are made for your website pattern, it’s best to go away your initial committal to writing for your Rich Snippets for about two months before creating any modifications so as to confirm this specific cycle isn’t delayed.

Rich Snippets and their implementation continue to be somewhat in its infancy, with an oversized variety of companies not having enforced them nonetheless. However, if you’re one in the entire primary out of your competitors to implement this, you may realize that your business will begin to thrive in search results.

So think again before choosing people to develop your website, tell them do you knew about Rich Snippet if they have idea tell them you need Rich Snippet, then if not your online business site will not be as good as your focus competitors here in local, Philippines or International.

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Using Rich Snippets to Increase SEO


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